"SISTERS OF SORCERY" by Kessy666 & Pet Lizard


80 vorrätig

We celebrate the only made up festivity we somehow can embrace with the pre-order of KESSY 666 & PET LIZARDs release of their first Dungeon Synth album „Sisters of Sorcery“!
12 creepy, crawly creations perfect to listen to during your next raid or while having a relaxing blood bath after finishing a quest at your local dungeon next door.

„Sisters of Sorcery“ is a compilation of songs written and recorded by Kessy 666 & Pet Lizard.
all songs written by either Kessy 666 or Pet Lizard.
mastered by Kessy 666
List of Equipment used:

Enchord-Super 75
Micro Korg XL Synthesizer
Yamaha PortaSOund PC-100
Yamaha PSS290 Keyboard
Yamaha RX15- Digital Rhytm Programmer

Artwork by Schreier „Spider Excalibur“ Johann
printed at Riso Club, Leipzig


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