ZANIAS (Berlin/ Fleisch Records)
is the sometimes solo and often collaborative project of Alison Lewis, an Australian-born multidisciplinary artist with a background in archaeology and keen interests in anthropology, psychology, neuroscience and entheogenic exploration.
Zanias’s work has always been defined by a search for higher meaning, an exploration into the modality of human feelings and how these complex experiences of consciousness play into our evolutionary story as a species. Writing and performing through sound is her way of simultaneously investigating her psychological interests and ultimately basking in awe of music’s intrinsic connectivity. By fusing our emotions with vibrations we can share deeper realms of our experience than we even can through language – another vehicle for connection that she employs with acuity, through lyrics that are deftly woven for flow and imbued with multiplicities of meaning.


Ihre Texte in Verbindung mit ihrer tiefen Stimme sind appellierend und zerrend. Die Visualisierungen düster herausfordernd. Der Sound ist gezeichnet von einer melancholischen Schwermut; Tiefe Bässe, schwere Synthesizerklänge und eine voluminöse E-Gitarre.

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.


Mai 12 2022


20:00 - 23:00


Ono 2, Frankfurt

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